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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Contract

Nervous, she ponders in gaze to the ceiling as she stands with her hands resting on each hip, elbows bent, head tilted back. She lets out a long sigh, held in by scrambled thoughts being organized in her head. She looks to the floor for only a second, turns to the table and takes a seat in the cold yet welcoming chair already pulled out awaiting her acceptance. She rests her chin on a pile of papers, folded hands hang beneath the table dangling between her knees. Her mind is quiet now, the newly found position at the table seems to be relaxing for the moment. Sitting up, she pulls the chair in while bending one leg up to be cradled under the other leaving it to hang, barely touching the floor. Taking the stack of papers that lay in front of her she straightens them by bouncing them on the table, breaking the silence of the room. Her legs now repositioned and crossed she properly sits up, no slouching. Still holding the papers she reaches for the pen that lays next to her right hand... anxieties tremble... her heart starts to pound... excitement grows with each breath... her throat begins to tighten as she feels numbing tingles over take her body... her hands become clammy. One last deep breath helps her to lay them down, she turns to the last page containing the sign here stick tab, pen in hand she signs her name... she applies the date... then stares at her accomplished work.

Slowly placing the signed document into the return envelope, sealing it with a prayer she stands only to find her legs are now weak. Pure anticipation begins to overtake her control. She screams out "LOOK! LOOK!" laughter rings out bouncing off the walls of her home she jumps around in dance, holding the beginnings of her greatest accomplishment "The Secret Within - DAY ONE"

... LOL!!! Okay, I had to do that I thought it to be funny :-) I have written a book and just signed the contract today and yes I am soooo excited!! My publisher gave me an estimate of 7 months before the first copy will hit store shelves... I am scared and nervous... most of all in disbelief!! WOW! Anyway... just had to share :-)

God Bless!

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