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Thursday, August 18, 2011

19 years...

WELP ... today marks our 19yr anniversary... I want to be all witty with this, but can't seem to go there LOL!

I will say there have been a lot of different journeys filled with adventures... and ya, some of those adventures still bring heartache, others I still laugh at and yyeess I even get teary eyed too... BUT with aaalll the different paths that have led us to where we are now, with each one I have been taught a great deal! AND OOOOOO LET ME TELL YA... MY HUBBY IS NOT BORING, SOMETHINGS HAPPENIN' ALL THE TIME WITH HIM LOL!!! So, I speak the truth 100% with I say life is an unexpected journey! LOL! ... But,  if you haven't ever thought about it, or experienced it, then that probably sounds weird. I am sure though many of you have had journey's similar to mine, and other journeys I have yet or may never experience. (now wait... with my hubby there is NO tellin'!) No matter, we can all learn from one another. Looking back on our years together, leaves me to wonder about the years to come... what will they be filled with? OR do I REALLY want to go there???? I am sure it will be interesting, cause HA... this past 19yrs sure has been!!! ROFL! Not a dull moment there WOW! :-) But that is just a part of what makes life interestingly ADVENTUROUS!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Something to make me think "HMM.."

Well, I did some studying today and now my head is spinning... with a slight headache weaved in there. Numbers, and history are what throb through my thoughts, leaving me to unscramble them in my sleep. I am already ready for bed... but ya know, I do feel good about what I studied up on today... kinda gave me a boost really... now to go the next step...

I studied up on the history of technology and the cycle it has repeated over and over and over again. WOW, kinda weird how that happens... leaving us that true phrase everyone has heard on many occasion... History repeats itself over and over again... and yes it has and seems to still do that and we are now in the "change" portion of the repeated cycle. Change is scary... but can be good... you just gotta jump on that wagon and hold on with an open mind and you won't find yourself drowning, only to be eaten by "Wal-Mart" sharks of the world.

I have been studying different marketing strategies... and I don't just mean "how" to "advertise". That is nothing, I mean how to market in a new way, one that is quickly around the corner from where and what we are used to today... and you know, I find it interesting :-) Most of it seems like common since to me... but it is nice to know my thinking, is actually on the right track...

I know, this isn't the "catch up" moment I promised earlier... this is a just got home from work moment and guess what... if that makes since. Anyway, I am leaving this thought as is... maybe to continue it later... but I just wanted to share a few words... and so I did :-)

Day in the Life :-)

Well, the morning started as usual... "Mom, whats for breakfast?" ... "Mom, I can't find my socks" ... "Mom, I need money for lunch" ... "Mom, breakfast done yet?" ... LOL... MOM... MOM... MOM ... Oh my children ... what would they do without MOM ;-) Well... I know I can proudly say I am loved, because between those repeated questions "Mom, I love you" screams out, and I wouldn't trade that for anything!

Okay, now to catch everyone up on all thats happening... where do I even begin?? I guess I will start with my new job, I love it here!! I did work for a grocery chain, and am I glad I am no longer there. I now work with the intellectually disabled and I believe this is where I am suppose to be. They warned me during my training to NOT get attached, well I can't help it, I love them all! I am the manager of the Village Store with 3 staff members under me, and 6 clients. I job coach them, teaching them and showing them what skills are needed to obtain a job in other places. Here we sell purses, home decor, accessories along with items they make themselves (greating cards, jewelry... etc)  ... and my clients help greet the customers, they help with cleaning and we have a blast! I told them this morning during our morning meeting next week is "hat" week. We are having a sale on all hats and hair accessories so we needed to wear something in our hair or on our heads to make it fun... if they wanted to. I told them find funny hats, put all your clips in your hair for a day... they laughed and thought that was fun :-) and ya know, I am excited to have fun with my hair or hat next week :-)

Well now you are caught up on that... I have to go for the moment, and will catch you up on my book "The Secret Within" and the progress there and also fill you in on the other happenings :-)

Talk soon!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I must say it has been a while... so much going on and as I write this I glance at the ticking hands on the clock ONLY to realize I have run out of time AGAIN!! This actually makes my... (okay I quit counting) blog I have started ... the others I deleted cause I couldn't finish... but I feel guilty for not at least typing something, so here I am typing something :-)
I will have to catch everyone up on so much.. I will do my best to get here tomorrow...

At least I have a life I am living huh? and yes... Life is Happening... and Life is GOOD! :-)

Hang with me...