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Saturday, May 7, 2011

My synopsis... I think... ?

Okay... I think this is what I will use for the synopsis on my book... but I am not totally decided... could change and well ... IDK who knows? If you would, please tell me what you think :-) The name of the book is "The Secret Within"

Charlie and Mary Chestney are awaiting the birth of their first child. Mary begins to experience labor pains once again, but the fear of another false run, she decides to keep this hidden from Charlie.

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of their Lil’ Coffee Shop and plans are underway for celebration. Unfortunately a shipment of merchandise was not delivered and Charlie is now making arrangements for pick up.  As Mary insures the trip for Charlie is not interrupted, her contractions become stronger and more intense.

Charlie now a few minutes into his trip notices the storms are growing with intensity. The weather report warns of the severity, delivering the eerie feeling now overtaking Charlie’s body. Storms hit Oklahoma all the time, never has this bothered him before, but today was different. Something wasn’t right and the grip this had on Charlie was not letting go. The Secret Within the depths of this land has started its own labor pains, delivering the worst devastating tragedy anyone could ever face.

Charlie quickly finds himself torn, and looses contact with reality…

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