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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Its a journey, a choice, a domino... how does yours start?

Funny how people can be to each other.. sometimes it is truly sad, but we have the ability to leave behind cherished memories... then again, we can also leave scornful thoughts of who and what we were at that given moment. Each step of our lives, we are given choices, it is what we do with them that adds to our journey.

Some can be so self centered they miss the most important things that have been given. Some filled with so much anger, they too bypass the opportunity of happiness. Some are scared of what could be, letting it pass them by, has become a security in daily life.

The leaf blows through the wind with no regards to where it may land... from there its' journey may end, or may have only began. What would happen if we let the wind float us through life... no worries as to where we may land, only to start again... or rest? What would happen if more of us forgot our own selfish ways so our eyes could focus on the stranger next to us? What would the world be like if the carried anger was set free allowing laughter?

They say it takes only one to make a difference... so what if the one making the difference, touched another... that one then touched another... like the dominoes that fall one after the other.
Have you ever gave a perfect stranger a smile followed with a "Hello" not because you were at work and it is part of your job to greet... but, just because?

So, I started thinkin... what is a domino I can tip? Then one day at the McDonalds drive-thru I paid mine with cash, and handed my card to the cashier for it to be used for the person behind me. At first I got a weird look, and she said "Oookay?" I then asked her for their receipt, and without explaining my actions I wrote these words - Every payday, I pay for the person behind me and today that person is YOU!! May God Bless You!! - I handed the receipt back and ask that it be delivered. It isn't just the paid meal, but the joy of sharing with a stranger, and watching the dominoes fall!

If we could just stop for a moment, and think of the person we have never met, send a prayer, a blessing, anything... what domino would that start?

Try this for a month... pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru... start the Domino! If you do... please share you experience, I would love to hear about it!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

With my company... just being a PREFERED CUSTOMER gives you MONEY BACK!

Yes, I work with a group of moms.. dads... families from my home, in a virtual office... but not everyone wants that right? No problem... you like the products, but don't want to work from home... then be a customer :-)

What we offer to our customers, is more than any other store coupon you will ever find... and it doesn't stop there! With what shall I start??? HHmmm... savings... nah, that's a given... health benefits... yes... you read that right HEALTH BENIFITS... and savings from over 650 retail partners from everywhere! JCPenny, Target, Barnes&Noble, Zales, Best Buy, Old Navy FTD... and sooooo many more... get this there is even Identity Theft Protection!! JUST FOR BEING A CUSTOMER... can you get THAT from your local department store? I think not ;-) (btw there is more!!)

Don't forget, not only do you receive many different benefits, but you are also providing a safe place for your family to enjoy!

To learn more about the EchoSense products Melaleuca provides, click on one of the following links, provide us the information needed to send you an introduction video filled with information on the many products and money saving ways with Melaleuca!

Meet my team leader Donna Morgan:

If you have any questions, feel free to email me


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Running home for Safety... or Running home to Danger?

-There is no place like home, There is no place like home-

Everyone... well most everyone knows this is from the classic "Wizard of Oz" movie spoken by the character Dorothy. And ya know... she was right! There IS no place like home!! Where is it you find yourself wanting to go after a long trip, at the end of the day, no matter what you might be doing, where you might have been -THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME-

So, whats the first thing YOU do once you enter your safe haven? Me, I get comfortable!! Of course, it depends on the day... but for the most part I may end up on the couch... laying on my back on the floor... sitting at the table... really who knows just as long as I can relax in my home...

Then there was this one day I got to thinking... I soon realized my home isn't as clean as I thought, my kids aren't coming home to a clean and safe environment! I started reading the make up of my cleaners... and researching these words so I could try and find out WHAT it is was cause WOW! Who puts the letters together for half of those words anyway? Mostly, who is the one that gets to pronounce it HA! After finding out what the words truly were, made me feel horrible! I was buying hazardous chemicals and bringing them into my home thinking I was doing my family good. So I did some more searching to find products that are safe and I found MELALEUCA!!

Melaleuca is an oil derived from East Indian and Australian trees and shrubs. Melaleuca is also a company that has taken this oil and created a line of products SAFE for your home. Everything to clean your home to weight loss products and not a one needs safety caps. There are no harsh chemicals, PROVING there are ways to clean WITHOUT the toxins!! OH!! And if you think safe = weak... LOL! Think again my friend... Melaleuca's EcoSense products are proven to work. I love they way they leave my home smelling and even feeling (yes feeling) clean. I can actually feel the difference when I handle my dishes... sounds wierd I am sure, but true. :-) Not only that, they clean sooo much better than the so-called "green-cleaners" you may have tried in the past! 

Let's look at some examples...

- Melaleuca's Sol-U-Gaurd Botanical Disinfectant - Citric Acid and Thyme Oil... versus Lysol All Pupose Disinfectant which contains Alkyldimethylbenzylammonium Chloride... WHAT?? Alkydimeth.... okay I can't even say that !!

- Melaleuca's Diamond Brite - Naturally Derived Enzymes (this btw is dish washing detergent and I love it!!) versus Cascade .. containing Chlorine Bleach... Okay so Chlorine Bleach is suppose to be safe right? Read my post about Chlorine Bleach and you may think twice next time you go to use this to wash your dishes, and clean your home.

-Melaleuca's Tub & Tile - Citric Acid ... versus Lime-A-Way using Sulfamic Acid... Oh don't you just want to sit your kids in the tub after using that...  

This is only a few items... Melaleuca has everything you need plus more and more each day! What is awesome, these items are concentrated!! You not only are truly cleaning your home, but saving money too!! And yes, I also work for them from home and it is wonderful! They have so many benefits... so if you are ready to make the switch, and truly clean your home, to finally relax knowing your family is safe... then visit the following link, meet my team leader and watch our presentation, you will be happy you did and I can't wait to help you transform your home!

Okay... so WHAT is this Bleach/Clorox REALLY??


NO matter the brand, it is still... bleach.
There is no reason to be using Clorox since the development of SoluGuard Botanical that has an EPA number as a disinfectant. There is also no reason to be using Clorox Beach or Cascade because MelaBrite Whitener and Diamond Brite automatic dish washing cleaner are safer and more effective. - Dr Micheal McCullough 

WHO of us hasn't used Bleach / Clorox  to Clean in our home?

I mean it MUST be SAFE, RIGHT?  And we HAVE to have it for our WHITES in the laundry .... don't we?

 OR DO WE?  


Naturally Speaking
 Speaking About the Dangers of Chlorine Bleach

Most of us have grown up with the idea that whiter whites (and brighter colors) mean cleaner clothes. We continue to use chlorine products with abandon to whiten and to disinfect. We write on white paper and bathe in and drink chlorinated water. After all, who wants bacteria- infested water? In our society, chlorine is ubiquitous-and so are its side effects. In fact, the long-term residual effects from chlorine are becoming such a health hazard that the American Public Health Association is urging the American paper industry to stop using chlorine. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has found dioxin (a toxic byproduct of chlorine) to be 300,000 times more potent as a carcinogen than DDT
Healthy & Natural speaks with Stephen Ashkin, director of product development and environmental affairs at Seventh Generation, a manufacturer of green, non-toxic cleaning products. Although he has a degree in chemistry, Ashkin gained most of his practical knowledge and experience through direct contact in the chemical industry. He literally grew up in the laboratory of his parent's cleaning products manufacturing company. Ashkin chaired the American Society for Testing and Materials' task force that wrote the national cleaning standard for commercial and institutional buildings. He has also chaired President Clinton's Green Chemistry Challenge Task Force. Ashkin is acting advisor for a number of EPA programs including the Indoor Environment Division. He has published numerous articles on environmentally preferable products and is a very popular conference speaker.

Q: Does chlorine occur naturally?

Typically chlorine does not normally occur in the environment except as a yellow gas on rare occasions. It's a manufactured substance produced through an industrial process. An electrical current is passed through salt water producing chlorine and caustic soda.

Q: Is chlorine very toxic?

This is where this topic gets very interesting. Many people argue that chlorine is basically safe-that it breaks down into harmless salt and water. Well, that's true-in a laboratory test tube under very controlled conditions. The real issue is not just how toxic chlorine itself is but how the unintended byproducts of chlorine (organochlorines and dioxins) remain in the environment. They are persistent in the environment; they do not break down readily and therefore bio-accumulate.

Q: Is there a chlorine pollution problem?

One of the largest uses of chlorine is in the paper industry. Chlorine is first used to break down the lignan that holds the wood fibers together. Then chlorine is used to bleach the paper to make it white. The effluent or wastewater containing dioxins and other organochlorines are then dumped into streams and waterways. These ingredients are highly toxic and carcinogenic. Once in the waste stream, they come into contact with other organic materials and surfactants and combine to form a host of extremely toxic organic chemicals.
A chain of events occurs: The water becomes polluted; the fish become contaminated; animals eat the fish and people eat the contaminated animals and fish. This can create a very serious health problem; the dioxins and other toxic chemicals, when consumed, accumulate in the fatty tissues. These contaminants are also hormone disrupters because they mimic estrogen. The EPA has observed and documented hormonal imbalance, suppressed immune systems, reproductive infertility and alterations in fetal development of animals. In viewing the big picture, these factors are perhaps the most
frightening results from the widespread use of chlorine.

Q: How widespread is chlorine contamination?

It is so widespread that it would be difficult to find any human being who does not have detectable levels of dioxin in his/her blood.
While we know that chlorine is a substantial environmental problem caused by the paper industry, household bleach and cleaners containing chlorine also pose a serious health risk. For instance, in 1997, 217,989 calls to the Poison Control Center concerned household cleaners. Of those calls, 54,453 were about chlorine bleach and 7,570 were for chlorine disinfectants. So, that means that 28.4 percent of all calls were related to poisonings by chlorine products. What's even more important, most of those calls were about children under 6 years old.

Q: What can happen if these chemicals get into our bodies?

Our bodies are very good at metabolizing many things. Through special enzymes, our bodies are able to rid themselves of many environmental toxic substances that we come into contact with daily. However, dioxins (and other organochlorine compounds) aren't included. Even if we are exposed to very low levels, dioxins remain in the body and accumulate.
The EPA is now saying that this is soon to become a major health risk problem. The cumulative effects of dioxin in humans have been linked to birth defects, cancer, reproductive disorders and immune system breakdown.

Q: Should chlorine be used in our public water supply?

The alternative question would be, should we drink contaminated water? The answer, of course, would be no. It's very important that our water is sanitized. Years ago, there were very few alternatives. However, today, while chlorine is a very effective (and cheap) sanitizer, many scientists are recognizing some serious side effects from chlorine. Today, our technology is getting to the point where, I hope, we will look into a better means of sanitizing our drinking water. This will not be easy because one of the biggest advantages (and ultimately the biggest disadvantage) of using chlorine is the fact that chlorine doesn't break down. Water can be treated with chlorine at the filtration plant and 10 miles away the chlorine is persistent enough to remain in the water and pipes when it reaches the home. There exist many other ingredients that are good sanitizers, but they break down quickly, and the water would become contaminated by the time it reaches someones home.
We may have a problem if we need to sanitize via a chemical additive. It becomes a sort of oxymoron: chemicals that are persistent also tend to be toxic. The ultimate solution may be to have home-based water filtration/sanitizing systems. This would eliminate the problem of trying to prevent hundreds of miles of pipes, installed a hundred years ago, from contaminating the water.

Q: Are there safe, effective alternatives to chlorine as a bleaching agent and disinfectant?

Absolutely! Primarily, hydrogen peroxide is available to the paper industry and to the soap industry as a bleaching agent. Another new technology uses ozone. Other non-chlorinated household cleaning products, readily available to the consumer, achieve the same bleaching and disinfecting results as chlorine but are nontoxic.
I don't understand why anyone would want to use chlorine products anyway. Chlorine is a respiratory irritant and when mixed with other common household products, it gives off a toxic gas.

Q: What can we do to make a difference?

We could request and purchase processed chlorine-free paper, not just in writing paper but in paper towels, napkins, tissues, and toilet paper. It's a vote for our environment and our health. It may seem to be a small thing, but collectively it really can make a substantial difference.
We need to realize that the technology in the chemical industry has changed as dramatically as in the computer industry. We no longer need to use harmful substances simply because they worked for our grandparents. The technology in the chemical industry is allowing us to replace many of these toxic ingredients with others that are not only nontoxic but have renewable resources and many environmental benefits.
It's a major educational process for consumers to understand that they, through their buying choices, can make a difference. Did you know that only about 20 percent of shoppers buy their household products in natural food stores? What that says to me is that while consumers recognize the importance of buying supplements and organic foods, they don't recognize the same environmental and health benefits associated with buying chlorine-free paper and other non-toxic cleaners.

Chlorine Facts

Dioxin, a chemical byproduct of the manufacturing of chlorine bleached paper, is believed to be the single most carcinogenic chemical known to science.
When you open the door of your dishwasher after washing, toxic volatized chlorine from dish detergent and tap water is released into the air.
Thanks to chlorine pollution, Americans ingest a daily amount of dioxin that is already 300 to 600 times greater than the EPA's so-called "safe" dose.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has found dioxin to be 300,000 times more potent as a carcinogen than DDT.
Dioxin has been linked to endometriosis, immune system impairment, diabetes, neurotoxicity, birth defects, decreased fertility, and reproductive dysfunction in both women and men.
Studies show that 40-70 percent of the dioxin in bleached coffee filters can leach into your coffee; dioxin found in paper milk cartons also leaches into the milk you drink.
Cancer-causing chemicals like chlorine found in many household products such as coffee filters, disposable diapers, paper towels, and bathroom tissue are readily absorbed through the skin.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Do you like CHICKEN... POTATOES... or CORN???? Try this meal, my family LOVES it!!

Hey guys!! I just wanted to share a dinner my family loves! AND guess what ... I want to say there is a 5-10 minute prep time!! I am not all concerned with prep times.. this time, that time.. I just want to know what is quick and easy and here is one I would like to share :-) For this meal, I don't use actual measuring spoons and such, I just make it... so I hope I don't mess you up with my measuring technique...

Depending on the size of your family, my family we have 5, two of which are teenage boys. I use 8 chicken breast, but like I said it depends on the size of your family.

-Chicken breast - frozen (quantity is up to you) I use a 13x9 pan
-onion slice cut in half and place each small wedge piece on chicken breast
-favorite b-b-q sauce... smother onto chicken

place in oven at 375 for about 45 min or until chicken is done. Use the juice stuff as a dipping sauce YUMMY!

Okay, for the potatoes, you'll need a microwave safe dish and lid, I use a pie plate with a round lid to my old crock pot... works great!

-dice up your potatoes, I normally use about 5-7 depending on the size of the potato
-a couple of onion pieces placed randomly
-4 big spoons (out of the silverware drawer) of butter, kinda heaping
  placed randomly over the potatoes
-a little bit of milk and the same amount of water

cover with lid and microwave for 10minutes... salt and pepper, stir and microwave for another 10 minutes... stir and cover with 4 slices of cheese, replace lid so the heat can melt the cheese... mmmMMmmmm


This is something my grandma made, she passed away this last winter, and I do miss her!!

You will need a frying pan for this, your gonna make "Fried Corn"

-frozen corn
-2 big spoons of butter into frying pan (you'll want the heat on the high side I set mine on the number 7, my dial goes to number 8 and then HI)

pour frozen corn into pan, salt and pepper, now sprinkle about .. uumm if it had to be measured an 1/8 cup of sugar... fry until corn is a darker yellow.


BTW ... If you have any questions... let me know, I will be happy to answer them...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Chemical FREE ... Kills 99.9% of Germs ... NO Child-Resistant Cap Required ... ECHO-FRIENDLY

Welp here they've done it... a company that has brought us cleaning products that is ECHO-FRIENDLY!!!  WOOOO HOOOO!!!

When you look at your life that has been... then you turn to think of the future, and you see your family, there is something there that says... "I want HEALTHY". So you find yourself eyeballing your home and searching the ingredients put into the items you have and you think ... "What's that?" "How do you say .....?" Well, then you should know, its not a good thing when you can't pronounce the word in front of you... and it is a reeeeaally bad thing when you DON'T know WHAT it is, and there ya go gettin into the google zone searchin for the answers.

NEXT your askin... "Where do I find stuff that isn't full of... STUFF?" and BOOM your, in the  zone ... searching for ways to clean WITHOUT the harsh chemicals, something to actually kill the germs, and the peace of mind knowing you DON'T have to worry about your family. What if I told you to not worry... CAUSE BABY... YA JUST FOUND IT!!!  :-)

Here is just one of the items Melaleuca offers for very LITTLE money!! On top of that the cleaning products are CONCENTRATED... so what does that mean? IT SAVES YOU MORE!!! Okay, I have to admit... when I first heard of "Go Green" "No Chemicals" "Echo-Friendly" products, my first thought was "ya right, it probably doesn't clean worth a darn, so I am gonna waste my money and time" I WAS WRONG! The products clean BETTER than the ones I bought before (Gain, Windex, Pine Sol, and yes the list goes on...).

Example, Diamond Brite, is the dishwasher detergent made by Melaleuca and it is better and safer for you home. It is made with 100% NONTOXIC ingredients and WON'T expose your dishes -and therefore your food- to ANY unsafe, toxic ingredients. In fact, because it contains NO HARSH CHEMICALS, is pH-neutral, is as non-caustic as tap water, Diamond Brite -like every EcoSence product from Melaleuca is NOT required to have a child-resistant cap!

Did you know a number of states have banned phosphates in dishwasher detergents? And now, fearful of the ban going nation wide, the major dishwasher detergent manufacturers are scrambling to perfect their own phosphate-free formulas. But the detergents they're rushing to the shelves are bringing in loads of complaints about cloudy, spotty dishes.  Diamond Brite has been free for more than a decade. Diamond Brite does the job of phosphates with its naturally derived enzymes and an ingredient combination that naturally gets dishes spotless. Plus, unlike most leading brands, Diamond Brite is ultra-concentrated, meaning you use LESS for each load of dishes. Oh, and if you are wondering about prices?? No need, Diamond Brite like all the other products is VERY inexpensive!! ESPECIALLY when you compare the loads of dishes it washes to the loads the other brands washes. I have a family of 5 and we like to eat! So our dishwasher is on constant go... my Diamond Brite will last me 2 months if not longer, so divide the cost into at least 2 month and I pay about $4 per month! THAT makes my bank account happier, and gives me comfort knowing my family isn't being exposed to the Chlorine Bleach found in Cascade, not to mention all the other toxins in Cascade and the other brands.

If you are looking for something better for your family and the environment you have found your answer here! What is better,  this company does all business off the Internet meaning, you shop in the PRIVACY of YOUR home.. me I shop in my jammies!! Your items are delivered to your doorstep in 3-5 business days of your order. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!? For more information on the products ranging from your cleaning supplies, all the way to weight loss, click on the link below, fill out required information and your on your way to joining a team of families that have made the same choice you have!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"CSD"..... Whaaaat????

"Whaat?" Is the response I get often when I mention CSD. I have to admit, I had never heard of such a thing before either until my son was diagnosed with it.  CSD can also stand for a number of other diagnoses, ours stands for Chronic Sinus Disease. Now your still probably thinking... HUH??

Lets just say, NO ONE likes a sinus infection right? I know I don't... well take that nasty infection and multiply it by the biggest number possible and there ya have it, a sinus infection that doesn't go away... literally in my sons case. After MRI's and CAT's his infection is with him always. We have been informed that his is so deep there is no way to actually reach it, to rid him of this fully. He has had the surgery, it helped, but they showed us the x-rays with explanation... and so there ya have it.

Okay..  here is what comes with his on going situation...  like with any sinus infection you get a headache right? Well with my son, he suffers migraines and in the past  they have  lasted up to 2wks with no easing in sight they come with them cold sweats, vomiting, dizziness, and uncontrollable nose bleeds. His nose bleeds have been so bad I have seen the color drain from him, he becomes very weak and extremely tired. There have been a couple of times a trip to emergency was needed, and as any parent knows, that is scary!

Well, after talking with people I started doing a little research on what was in my home chemical wise and OMGSH was I actually becoming irritated! If you haven't read my post "Green? Work from Home? Money Saving? No Safety Caps? No Harsh Chemicals?" go back and read it you may find yourself doing the same thing I did! I found myself on a mission to rid my home of these toxins that are harming my family. I made a massive switch and then realized I have saved more money by making this switch. ALL the cleaning products for the kitchen, laundry, bathroom  including bathing items and anywhere between have been replaced with products that have NO harsh chemicals, NO toxins, NO poisons...  this company also has vitamins, weight loss product... the list is too long to keep going.

My son couldn't go for a week without a headache ranging from mild to extreme... after I switched our home he has had I think 3 headaches (no migraines), no nose bleeds, no problems as he did before.

Now I have to ask myself... with the products you buy at any store, bringing the chemicals and poisons into homes... what exactly have they caused the human race to suffer? How many doctor visits could have been avoided if those items were not surrounding our families?

I have a couple of new friends since I made my switch whose children have eczema, they have testimony too. Their children have not had problems, they have not needed to make doctor visits, and purchase the medications.

I now work for Melaleuca, the company that makes the products many use in their homes now. I stand behind them and would love to invite you to learn more about who this company is and what they can offer you. Here is a link:
  you will meet my team leader, Donna Stewart, she is awesome! Provide your name and email so I can send you our web cast, BTW, everything is virtual. This is how I am able to work from home ... which is one of the things this company is all about.. FAMILY. So, because of that, I am writing this from my virtual home office and it is soooo nice... CAUSE I'M STILL IN MY JAMMIE'S!!!!!! LOL :-)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Green? Work from Home? Money Saving? No Safety Caps? No Harsh Chemicals?

Okay, so lets talk "GREEN" and no, I don't mean the color!  -Green- minus the chemicals, nasty hazardous waste, toxic, harmful if swallowed, keep out of reach of children type of yuck that the FDA approves and says sure take this into your home and feel safe... WHATEVER! Lets take a minute to look at what is REALLY in some of this stuff "approved" to line our homes... hmmm which shall we look at first?

Laundry detergent, lets start there... first, what is it that you wash and want clean? Well, that doesn't take a genius... ALL the laundry in your home right? Towels, bedding, undergarments, everyday clothing, not just for you, but if you have family, your children too right? Okay, so lets just take a closer look at what we are wrapping around our families...  Laundry detergent is one such product that often times contains vague information on it list of ingredients. The residues left behind are potentially harmful as well. Even though your clothes come out of the dryer smelling fresh and clean, they may actually be loaded down with harsh toxins, causing skin and eye irritations, and allergic reactions. Some nasty effects are bacterial mutations how disgusting is that!! Napthas, phenols, phosphates, chlorine bleach, chemical fragrance, dioxane and sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate are a few examples of the chemicals found in laundry detergents... these chemicals are not only harmful to you and your family, but also the environment.

What about BLEACH? This chemical is used also while doing laundry as well as cleaning around the home... what about after the family has all been sick, do you use BLEACH to "sanitize" your home and rid it of the bacteria causing illnesses? Well, lets find out what is being exposed to our families now... Have you ever cleaned with bleach and your nose burn, you find it hard to breath, or your skin is irritated? Do you know, the safest way to use bleach is to actually wear gloves and a mask? Take those two questions and think about that for a moment. This is what you are actually going to clean your home with? Those are just the obvious affects, what about the silent hazards and how it can affect your family in long terms? In general, chemicals affect the same organ systems in all people who are exposed. A person's reaction depends on several things, including individual health, heredity, previous exposure to chemicals including medicines, and personal habits such as smoking or drinking. 

  It is important to remember the length of exposure to the chemical, the amount, and whether it was inhaled touched or eaten. People with preexisting lung, or heart disease may be particularly sensitive to the effects. Inhalation of bleach can cause sever internal damage, like the deterioration of the esophagus lining and lungs, also scaring of the respiratory tract. Although concentrated at much lower levels, fumes can also be trapped in the skin which can still damage when inhaled over time. WHO WANTS THAT?

This is just a couple of the common house hold "safe" poisons used in daily cleaning. Guess what... THERE IS A SOLUTION!! A safe alternative, that saves you money, makes you money and doesn't need safety caps!! SERIOUSLY!

I work from home yes, I help people discover how dangerous the products they are currently using are, and I help them switch to products that have no harsh poisons that can harm their families. It is easy! I made the switch, so can you! What is awesome though... the GREEN ECHO FRIENDLY products you are on your way to learning about, clean better and leave a fresh smell WITH OUT THOSE NASTY CHEMICALS!!

Fill out the form on my site, that is your fist step to making the switch to a healthier safer home!!

I'm livin in a puzzle, are you?

Yes, you read that right... I am livin in a puzzle... it is actually quit interesting really. I never know from one moment to the next WHAT is going to happen! Ya, I can make plans... I can write on the calender scheduled events... I can be as organized as anyone on paper, but since I decided to live in this puzzle nothing I plan ever goes MY way anyway. I guess I could pretend each adventure was my idea.. but then I would be taking credit that wasn't mine. Don't get me wrong, I do carry a purse sized planner, and yes I do write appointments in there... this is so I don't forget who I need to call and reschedule! HA! HA!

I haven't the slightest idea what my puzzle is suppose to look like, I could guess... but then that might bring on some disappointment along my "piece hoppin" and really I don't wanna deal with that. So I just take each moment as a little adventurous journey in my walk of life... that is the best way anyway, makes it like a surprise... not knowing what lies beyond the second at hand.

I do however, at times, think life is taking a certain direction so I steer all thoughts and schedules in that way... ONLY to find out that I was WAY off! Then all those human emotions tend to surface and I find myself back tracking and analyzing what must have went wrong cause of course I didn't do anything wrong... only to find it was me that took things away and decided the path I thought should be taken...

When I do that though, the colors I mixed up and smeared all over are miraculously made to fit as if my mess up wasn't there, forgiven and forgotten really, then I find myself back on track. Sometimes it does take awhile for all my smudges to be fixed, but no matter I am still loved deeply, and with strong arms gently guided back to the place I should be.

Once the piece I am on is finished, and lessons have been learned, patients taught, tears wiped off my face, love and mercy in abundance surrounds me as I take my first step on yet another piece of my life's puzzle. I look back at all journeys, adventures, wrong turns that were fixed and see one of lifes' most precious paintings. Each piece is perfectly placed awaiting the next. My life's journey isn't guided by own selfish ways, but by the hands of my Lord and Saviour.

Thank you Father for painting my life as beautiful as you!