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Saturday, May 7, 2011

What is UP with Melaleuca???

First there are some of you that may not know what Melaleuca is.. okay let me put it to you this way... MELALEUCA IS SAFE. Okay now ya know... LOL!! Seriously, Melaleuca is a company that has been around for years, way before the whole "eco-friendly" "go green" stuff started. Why is that? Because it was the right thing then, and it is the right thing now. I can by their spring cleaning special all for only 29 bucks, of course there is that shipping and tax thing... but it is all concentrated and lasts forever!

My daughter likes to "drink" water from a spray bottle, so yes I have several spray bottles around. My son saw a spray bottle sitting on the counter and not paying much attention to its contents took a drink from it...spraying it into his mouth... only to realize -hey that wasn't water!- So he then grabs the other spray bottle not paying attention again and takes another "drink"... LOL!! OMGSH! He tasted the glass cleaner, and the tub and tile cleaner I was using to clean the bathroom... but you know what is awesome about his experience... he did not feel sick at all, his stomach did not bother him and I wasn't worried. Of course I laughed at him cause WOW he did that TWICE with in a few seconds of one another!!! LOL!!! Now on the other hand if he would have done that with Windex, or any other cleaner bought from the local stores... I would have made him drink a ton of water to flush him out along with calling the poison control. I would have freaked!

Well, I guess what I want to say... you should really try this stuff, it is awesome! Check out my links (located to the right)... and your on your way to a much safer home along with wonderful opportunities offered each month. For example, just for joining they are offering $100 in loyalty dollars... which means you receive $100 in free products, and that is just one of the offers among many.

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