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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Something to make me think "HMM.."

Well, I did some studying today and now my head is spinning... with a slight headache weaved in there. Numbers, and history are what throb through my thoughts, leaving me to unscramble them in my sleep. I am already ready for bed... but ya know, I do feel good about what I studied up on today... kinda gave me a boost really... now to go the next step...

I studied up on the history of technology and the cycle it has repeated over and over and over again. WOW, kinda weird how that happens... leaving us that true phrase everyone has heard on many occasion... History repeats itself over and over again... and yes it has and seems to still do that and we are now in the "change" portion of the repeated cycle. Change is scary... but can be good... you just gotta jump on that wagon and hold on with an open mind and you won't find yourself drowning, only to be eaten by "Wal-Mart" sharks of the world.

I have been studying different marketing strategies... and I don't just mean "how" to "advertise". That is nothing, I mean how to market in a new way, one that is quickly around the corner from where and what we are used to today... and you know, I find it interesting :-) Most of it seems like common since to me... but it is nice to know my thinking, is actually on the right track...

I know, this isn't the "catch up" moment I promised earlier... this is a just got home from work moment and guess what... if that makes since. Anyway, I am leaving this thought as is... maybe to continue it later... but I just wanted to share a few words... and so I did :-)

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