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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day in the Life :-)

Well, the morning started as usual... "Mom, whats for breakfast?" ... "Mom, I can't find my socks" ... "Mom, I need money for lunch" ... "Mom, breakfast done yet?" ... LOL... MOM... MOM... MOM ... Oh my children ... what would they do without MOM ;-) Well... I know I can proudly say I am loved, because between those repeated questions "Mom, I love you" screams out, and I wouldn't trade that for anything!

Okay, now to catch everyone up on all thats happening... where do I even begin?? I guess I will start with my new job, I love it here!! I did work for a grocery chain, and am I glad I am no longer there. I now work with the intellectually disabled and I believe this is where I am suppose to be. They warned me during my training to NOT get attached, well I can't help it, I love them all! I am the manager of the Village Store with 3 staff members under me, and 6 clients. I job coach them, teaching them and showing them what skills are needed to obtain a job in other places. Here we sell purses, home decor, accessories along with items they make themselves (greating cards, jewelry... etc)  ... and my clients help greet the customers, they help with cleaning and we have a blast! I told them this morning during our morning meeting next week is "hat" week. We are having a sale on all hats and hair accessories so we needed to wear something in our hair or on our heads to make it fun... if they wanted to. I told them find funny hats, put all your clips in your hair for a day... they laughed and thought that was fun :-) and ya know, I am excited to have fun with my hair or hat next week :-)

Well now you are caught up on that... I have to go for the moment, and will catch you up on my book "The Secret Within" and the progress there and also fill you in on the other happenings :-)

Talk soon!!

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