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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Running home for Safety... or Running home to Danger?

-There is no place like home, There is no place like home-

Everyone... well most everyone knows this is from the classic "Wizard of Oz" movie spoken by the character Dorothy. And ya know... she was right! There IS no place like home!! Where is it you find yourself wanting to go after a long trip, at the end of the day, no matter what you might be doing, where you might have been -THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME-

So, whats the first thing YOU do once you enter your safe haven? Me, I get comfortable!! Of course, it depends on the day... but for the most part I may end up on the couch... laying on my back on the floor... sitting at the table... really who knows just as long as I can relax in my home...

Then there was this one day I got to thinking... I soon realized my home isn't as clean as I thought, my kids aren't coming home to a clean and safe environment! I started reading the make up of my cleaners... and researching these words so I could try and find out WHAT it is was cause WOW! Who puts the letters together for half of those words anyway? Mostly, who is the one that gets to pronounce it HA! After finding out what the words truly were, made me feel horrible! I was buying hazardous chemicals and bringing them into my home thinking I was doing my family good. So I did some more searching to find products that are safe and I found MELALEUCA!!

Melaleuca is an oil derived from East Indian and Australian trees and shrubs. Melaleuca is also a company that has taken this oil and created a line of products SAFE for your home. Everything to clean your home to weight loss products and not a one needs safety caps. There are no harsh chemicals, PROVING there are ways to clean WITHOUT the toxins!! OH!! And if you think safe = weak... LOL! Think again my friend... Melaleuca's EcoSense products are proven to work. I love they way they leave my home smelling and even feeling (yes feeling) clean. I can actually feel the difference when I handle my dishes... sounds wierd I am sure, but true. :-) Not only that, they clean sooo much better than the so-called "green-cleaners" you may have tried in the past! 

Let's look at some examples...

- Melaleuca's Sol-U-Gaurd Botanical Disinfectant - Citric Acid and Thyme Oil... versus Lysol All Pupose Disinfectant which contains Alkyldimethylbenzylammonium Chloride... WHAT?? Alkydimeth.... okay I can't even say that !!

- Melaleuca's Diamond Brite - Naturally Derived Enzymes (this btw is dish washing detergent and I love it!!) versus Cascade .. containing Chlorine Bleach... Okay so Chlorine Bleach is suppose to be safe right? Read my post about Chlorine Bleach and you may think twice next time you go to use this to wash your dishes, and clean your home.

-Melaleuca's Tub & Tile - Citric Acid ... versus Lime-A-Way using Sulfamic Acid... Oh don't you just want to sit your kids in the tub after using that...  

This is only a few items... Melaleuca has everything you need plus more and more each day! What is awesome, these items are concentrated!! You not only are truly cleaning your home, but saving money too!! And yes, I also work for them from home and it is wonderful! They have so many benefits... so if you are ready to make the switch, and truly clean your home, to finally relax knowing your family is safe... then visit the following link, meet my team leader and watch our presentation, you will be happy you did and I can't wait to help you transform your home!

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