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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Its a journey, a choice, a domino... how does yours start?

Funny how people can be to each other.. sometimes it is truly sad, but we have the ability to leave behind cherished memories... then again, we can also leave scornful thoughts of who and what we were at that given moment. Each step of our lives, we are given choices, it is what we do with them that adds to our journey.

Some can be so self centered they miss the most important things that have been given. Some filled with so much anger, they too bypass the opportunity of happiness. Some are scared of what could be, letting it pass them by, has become a security in daily life.

The leaf blows through the wind with no regards to where it may land... from there its' journey may end, or may have only began. What would happen if we let the wind float us through life... no worries as to where we may land, only to start again... or rest? What would happen if more of us forgot our own selfish ways so our eyes could focus on the stranger next to us? What would the world be like if the carried anger was set free allowing laughter?

They say it takes only one to make a difference... so what if the one making the difference, touched another... that one then touched another... like the dominoes that fall one after the other.
Have you ever gave a perfect stranger a smile followed with a "Hello" not because you were at work and it is part of your job to greet... but, just because?

So, I started thinkin... what is a domino I can tip? Then one day at the McDonalds drive-thru I paid mine with cash, and handed my card to the cashier for it to be used for the person behind me. At first I got a weird look, and she said "Oookay?" I then asked her for their receipt, and without explaining my actions I wrote these words - Every payday, I pay for the person behind me and today that person is YOU!! May God Bless You!! - I handed the receipt back and ask that it be delivered. It isn't just the paid meal, but the joy of sharing with a stranger, and watching the dominoes fall!

If we could just stop for a moment, and think of the person we have never met, send a prayer, a blessing, anything... what domino would that start?

Try this for a month... pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru... start the Domino! If you do... please share you experience, I would love to hear about it!!

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