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Friday, March 18, 2011

With my company... just being a PREFERED CUSTOMER gives you MONEY BACK!

Yes, I work with a group of moms.. dads... families from my home, in a virtual office... but not everyone wants that right? No problem... you like the products, but don't want to work from home... then be a customer :-)

What we offer to our customers, is more than any other store coupon you will ever find... and it doesn't stop there! With what shall I start??? HHmmm... savings... nah, that's a given... health benefits... yes... you read that right HEALTH BENIFITS... and savings from over 650 retail partners from everywhere! JCPenny, Target, Barnes&Noble, Zales, Best Buy, Old Navy FTD... and sooooo many more... get this there is even Identity Theft Protection!! JUST FOR BEING A CUSTOMER... can you get THAT from your local department store? I think not ;-) (btw there is more!!)

Don't forget, not only do you receive many different benefits, but you are also providing a safe place for your family to enjoy!

To learn more about the EchoSense products Melaleuca provides, click on one of the following links, provide us the information needed to send you an introduction video filled with information on the many products and money saving ways with Melaleuca!

Meet my team leader Donna Morgan:

If you have any questions, feel free to email me


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