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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Green? Work from Home? Money Saving? No Safety Caps? No Harsh Chemicals?

Okay, so lets talk "GREEN" and no, I don't mean the color!  -Green- minus the chemicals, nasty hazardous waste, toxic, harmful if swallowed, keep out of reach of children type of yuck that the FDA approves and says sure take this into your home and feel safe... WHATEVER! Lets take a minute to look at what is REALLY in some of this stuff "approved" to line our homes... hmmm which shall we look at first?

Laundry detergent, lets start there... first, what is it that you wash and want clean? Well, that doesn't take a genius... ALL the laundry in your home right? Towels, bedding, undergarments, everyday clothing, not just for you, but if you have family, your children too right? Okay, so lets just take a closer look at what we are wrapping around our families...  Laundry detergent is one such product that often times contains vague information on it list of ingredients. The residues left behind are potentially harmful as well. Even though your clothes come out of the dryer smelling fresh and clean, they may actually be loaded down with harsh toxins, causing skin and eye irritations, and allergic reactions. Some nasty effects are bacterial mutations how disgusting is that!! Napthas, phenols, phosphates, chlorine bleach, chemical fragrance, dioxane and sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate are a few examples of the chemicals found in laundry detergents... these chemicals are not only harmful to you and your family, but also the environment.

What about BLEACH? This chemical is used also while doing laundry as well as cleaning around the home... what about after the family has all been sick, do you use BLEACH to "sanitize" your home and rid it of the bacteria causing illnesses? Well, lets find out what is being exposed to our families now... Have you ever cleaned with bleach and your nose burn, you find it hard to breath, or your skin is irritated? Do you know, the safest way to use bleach is to actually wear gloves and a mask? Take those two questions and think about that for a moment. This is what you are actually going to clean your home with? Those are just the obvious affects, what about the silent hazards and how it can affect your family in long terms? In general, chemicals affect the same organ systems in all people who are exposed. A person's reaction depends on several things, including individual health, heredity, previous exposure to chemicals including medicines, and personal habits such as smoking or drinking. 

  It is important to remember the length of exposure to the chemical, the amount, and whether it was inhaled touched or eaten. People with preexisting lung, or heart disease may be particularly sensitive to the effects. Inhalation of bleach can cause sever internal damage, like the deterioration of the esophagus lining and lungs, also scaring of the respiratory tract. Although concentrated at much lower levels, fumes can also be trapped in the skin which can still damage when inhaled over time. WHO WANTS THAT?

This is just a couple of the common house hold "safe" poisons used in daily cleaning. Guess what... THERE IS A SOLUTION!! A safe alternative, that saves you money, makes you money and doesn't need safety caps!! SERIOUSLY!

I work from home yes, I help people discover how dangerous the products they are currently using are, and I help them switch to products that have no harsh poisons that can harm their families. It is easy! I made the switch, so can you! What is awesome though... the GREEN ECHO FRIENDLY products you are on your way to learning about, clean better and leave a fresh smell WITH OUT THOSE NASTY CHEMICALS!!

Fill out the form on my site, that is your fist step to making the switch to a healthier safer home!!

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