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Thursday, March 10, 2011

"CSD"..... Whaaaat????

"Whaat?" Is the response I get often when I mention CSD. I have to admit, I had never heard of such a thing before either until my son was diagnosed with it.  CSD can also stand for a number of other diagnoses, ours stands for Chronic Sinus Disease. Now your still probably thinking... HUH??

Lets just say, NO ONE likes a sinus infection right? I know I don't... well take that nasty infection and multiply it by the biggest number possible and there ya have it, a sinus infection that doesn't go away... literally in my sons case. After MRI's and CAT's his infection is with him always. We have been informed that his is so deep there is no way to actually reach it, to rid him of this fully. He has had the surgery, it helped, but they showed us the x-rays with explanation... and so there ya have it.

Okay..  here is what comes with his on going situation...  like with any sinus infection you get a headache right? Well with my son, he suffers migraines and in the past  they have  lasted up to 2wks with no easing in sight they come with them cold sweats, vomiting, dizziness, and uncontrollable nose bleeds. His nose bleeds have been so bad I have seen the color drain from him, he becomes very weak and extremely tired. There have been a couple of times a trip to emergency was needed, and as any parent knows, that is scary!

Well, after talking with people I started doing a little research on what was in my home chemical wise and OMGSH was I actually becoming irritated! If you haven't read my post "Green? Work from Home? Money Saving? No Safety Caps? No Harsh Chemicals?" go back and read it you may find yourself doing the same thing I did! I found myself on a mission to rid my home of these toxins that are harming my family. I made a massive switch and then realized I have saved more money by making this switch. ALL the cleaning products for the kitchen, laundry, bathroom  including bathing items and anywhere between have been replaced with products that have NO harsh chemicals, NO toxins, NO poisons...  this company also has vitamins, weight loss product... the list is too long to keep going.

My son couldn't go for a week without a headache ranging from mild to extreme... after I switched our home he has had I think 3 headaches (no migraines), no nose bleeds, no problems as he did before.

Now I have to ask myself... with the products you buy at any store, bringing the chemicals and poisons into homes... what exactly have they caused the human race to suffer? How many doctor visits could have been avoided if those items were not surrounding our families?

I have a couple of new friends since I made my switch whose children have eczema, they have testimony too. Their children have not had problems, they have not needed to make doctor visits, and purchase the medications.

I now work for Melaleuca, the company that makes the products many use in their homes now. I stand behind them and would love to invite you to learn more about who this company is and what they can offer you. Here is a link:
  you will meet my team leader, Donna Stewart, she is awesome! Provide your name and email so I can send you our web cast, BTW, everything is virtual. This is how I am able to work from home ... which is one of the things this company is all about.. FAMILY. So, because of that, I am writing this from my virtual home office and it is soooo nice... CAUSE I'M STILL IN MY JAMMIE'S!!!!!! LOL :-)

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