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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm livin in a puzzle, are you?

Yes, you read that right... I am livin in a puzzle... it is actually quit interesting really. I never know from one moment to the next WHAT is going to happen! Ya, I can make plans... I can write on the calender scheduled events... I can be as organized as anyone on paper, but since I decided to live in this puzzle nothing I plan ever goes MY way anyway. I guess I could pretend each adventure was my idea.. but then I would be taking credit that wasn't mine. Don't get me wrong, I do carry a purse sized planner, and yes I do write appointments in there... this is so I don't forget who I need to call and reschedule! HA! HA!

I haven't the slightest idea what my puzzle is suppose to look like, I could guess... but then that might bring on some disappointment along my "piece hoppin" and really I don't wanna deal with that. So I just take each moment as a little adventurous journey in my walk of life... that is the best way anyway, makes it like a surprise... not knowing what lies beyond the second at hand.

I do however, at times, think life is taking a certain direction so I steer all thoughts and schedules in that way... ONLY to find out that I was WAY off! Then all those human emotions tend to surface and I find myself back tracking and analyzing what must have went wrong cause of course I didn't do anything wrong... only to find it was me that took things away and decided the path I thought should be taken...

When I do that though, the colors I mixed up and smeared all over are miraculously made to fit as if my mess up wasn't there, forgiven and forgotten really, then I find myself back on track. Sometimes it does take awhile for all my smudges to be fixed, but no matter I am still loved deeply, and with strong arms gently guided back to the place I should be.

Once the piece I am on is finished, and lessons have been learned, patients taught, tears wiped off my face, love and mercy in abundance surrounds me as I take my first step on yet another piece of my life's puzzle. I look back at all journeys, adventures, wrong turns that were fixed and see one of lifes' most precious paintings. Each piece is perfectly placed awaiting the next. My life's journey isn't guided by own selfish ways, but by the hands of my Lord and Saviour.

Thank you Father for painting my life as beautiful as you!

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