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Friday, March 11, 2011

Chemical FREE ... Kills 99.9% of Germs ... NO Child-Resistant Cap Required ... ECHO-FRIENDLY

Welp here they've done it... a company that has brought us cleaning products that is ECHO-FRIENDLY!!!  WOOOO HOOOO!!!

When you look at your life that has been... then you turn to think of the future, and you see your family, there is something there that says... "I want HEALTHY". So you find yourself eyeballing your home and searching the ingredients put into the items you have and you think ... "What's that?" "How do you say .....?" Well, then you should know, its not a good thing when you can't pronounce the word in front of you... and it is a reeeeaally bad thing when you DON'T know WHAT it is, and there ya go gettin into the google zone searchin for the answers.

NEXT your askin... "Where do I find stuff that isn't full of... STUFF?" and BOOM your, in the  zone ... searching for ways to clean WITHOUT the harsh chemicals, something to actually kill the germs, and the peace of mind knowing you DON'T have to worry about your family. What if I told you to not worry... CAUSE BABY... YA JUST FOUND IT!!!  :-)

Here is just one of the items Melaleuca offers for very LITTLE money!! On top of that the cleaning products are CONCENTRATED... so what does that mean? IT SAVES YOU MORE!!! Okay, I have to admit... when I first heard of "Go Green" "No Chemicals" "Echo-Friendly" products, my first thought was "ya right, it probably doesn't clean worth a darn, so I am gonna waste my money and time" I WAS WRONG! The products clean BETTER than the ones I bought before (Gain, Windex, Pine Sol, and yes the list goes on...).

Example, Diamond Brite, is the dishwasher detergent made by Melaleuca and it is better and safer for you home. It is made with 100% NONTOXIC ingredients and WON'T expose your dishes -and therefore your food- to ANY unsafe, toxic ingredients. In fact, because it contains NO HARSH CHEMICALS, is pH-neutral, is as non-caustic as tap water, Diamond Brite -like every EcoSence product from Melaleuca is NOT required to have a child-resistant cap!

Did you know a number of states have banned phosphates in dishwasher detergents? And now, fearful of the ban going nation wide, the major dishwasher detergent manufacturers are scrambling to perfect their own phosphate-free formulas. But the detergents they're rushing to the shelves are bringing in loads of complaints about cloudy, spotty dishes.  Diamond Brite has been free for more than a decade. Diamond Brite does the job of phosphates with its naturally derived enzymes and an ingredient combination that naturally gets dishes spotless. Plus, unlike most leading brands, Diamond Brite is ultra-concentrated, meaning you use LESS for each load of dishes. Oh, and if you are wondering about prices?? No need, Diamond Brite like all the other products is VERY inexpensive!! ESPECIALLY when you compare the loads of dishes it washes to the loads the other brands washes. I have a family of 5 and we like to eat! So our dishwasher is on constant go... my Diamond Brite will last me 2 months if not longer, so divide the cost into at least 2 month and I pay about $4 per month! THAT makes my bank account happier, and gives me comfort knowing my family isn't being exposed to the Chlorine Bleach found in Cascade, not to mention all the other toxins in Cascade and the other brands.

If you are looking for something better for your family and the environment you have found your answer here! What is better,  this company does all business off the Internet meaning, you shop in the PRIVACY of YOUR home.. me I shop in my jammies!! Your items are delivered to your doorstep in 3-5 business days of your order. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!? For more information on the products ranging from your cleaning supplies, all the way to weight loss, click on the link below, fill out required information and your on your way to joining a team of families that have made the same choice you have!

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